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Whether you need liquid floor screeding Birmingham,liquid floor screed Shrewsbury or liquid floor screed Telford.GMBrook Liquid floor screeding supplies an increasing popular fast drying screed to more customers each month. G M Brook is the company you've been looking for,not only do we provide a professional service,we offer a wide range of liquid floor screed, whether its a low profle self levelling screed,floor screeding for under floor heating or an industrial hard wareing floor screed.For those where time is of the essence,we supply a fast drying  screed.Not only do we aim to compete with our competitors on price,we hope that customers find our customer service a cut above them all with our speed and professionalism  in dealing with your request .One of the big benifits of having G M Brook quid floor screed is that our company produces our own liquid floor screed, by doing this we cut out any external factors that can course interruption with the pouring process,this helps makes the experience much more pleaserable. No matter what you're needs we will help you through out the decision process.

 Liquid Floor Screed

There are many advantages to useing liquid floor screed,whether you planning to cover under floor heating,level an un-even existing floor or lay a base for a new project,GMBrook liquid floor screeds have got the ideal screed for you. As with any water based material there be a drying time please click here for more information


                         Types of Liquid floor screed


To get the best results from your new under floor heating we recommend you lay an Anhydrite based pumpable screed, this gives you the best thermoconductive properties possible making your boiler work more efficiently and helping to reduce your over all heating costs. The Anhydrite based screed has a pan flat finish and is ideal for any floor covering that you have in mind whether it's tiles,enginerred timber or a vinyl tile. 

if you need a screed that will be over 75mm deep we would advise you to lay a cemeticious based screed as this is more cost affective for the increase in material volume.

For un-even floors you have a couple of choices,you can use a low profile Anhydrite pumpable screed that can be as low as 12mm,or we can mix self levelling compound on site which will blend into the existing floor and go up to 30mm in depth.

If time is against you and you need your screed to dry as fast as possible,we offer a fast drying cemeticious screed that can be dry as soon as 10-15 days. This has a finished floor like any other Anhydrite screed and is suitable for all types of floor covering. For all the Technical data for the Anhydrite floor screed please

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                                  After Care


To get the best reults for your newly layed floor,GMbrook Liquid Floor Screed recommends that between 7-10 days you sand the top of the screed to allow for the moisture to escape, this helps with the drying time and allows for some floor coverings to bind to the screed easier dry.

GMBrook offer an after care service service,so for more details please

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