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The benefits of underfloor heating

  • Benefit 1  Consistently balanced heating through out the house 
  • Benefit 2  Cheaper to heat the house than radiators
  • Benefit 3  No ugly radiators in the rooms
  • Benefit 4  Drying time of 1mm per day on 40mm depth and 1/2 mm a day above this depth,this can be speeded up with gentle application of heat

The diagram above shows you how the underfloor heating pipes sit in conjunction with the liquid floor screed and concrete substrate

On top of your concrete base you place foil backed foam insulation ,we recomend that this no less than 100mm in thickness

A layer of polythene membrane is placed over the insulation to stop the liquid floor screed from escaping down the gaps. A foam expansion barrier is taped along the walls and around any pipes to stop the liquid floor screed from cracking whilst drying

Once all the floor area has been prepared,the depth of the liquid floor screed is determined but should not be any less than 35mm if poured over insulation. The liquid floor screed is then poured to depth set by using tripods set over the floor area.


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