Three Steps To Our Liquid Floor Screed In West Midlands

The chances are that you’ve considered underfloor heating before. Your bathroom, kitchen or living room may have been mooted for a transformation, but you probably wanted to find out more about the process. Our use of liquid floor screen in West Midlands has revolutionised the way underfloor heating can be installed in homes.


At GMBrook Liquid Floor Screed we’ve become a leading supplier and installer of professional floor screed that works better than traditional methods and defeats typical radiators. While you may understand the basics of underfloor heating, liquid floor screed is a slightly different. To help you, here are three stages to the application of our liquid floor screed in West Midlands:

  • Insulation: To begin the process we add a 100mm minimum layer of foam backed insulation. This will help to keep all the heat in your home and not let it escape to the cold concrete below.
  • Cover and secure: Ensuring that every bit of liquid floor screed stays on the floor and doesn’t crack, we use a layer of polythene membrane to keep everything flat and uniform.
  • Pour and set: Our liquid floor screed in West Midlands will then be poured over the underfloor heating pipes to achieve optimum heat retention for your home.

To discover more about our methods at GMBrook Liquid Floor Screed, get in contact with us today

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