Invest In Your Home With Our Flow Screed Services In West Midlands

Liquid Floor Screed Telford

The benefits of flow screed can only be shown by looking at our gallery at GMBrook Liquid Floor Screed. Once you have seen the accurate and professionally laid screed set in a property, that’s when you will start to see the real difference that our reliable and affordable service can offer you. What makes our flow screed in the West Midlands perfect for your home this winter?


At GMBrook Liquid Floor Screed we have become a reputable team trusted with the planning and application of liquid floor screed for homes across the Telford. This comes from our ability to install underfloor heating that keeps the heat in your home throughout the wintry months.


To help you make your choice, here are three reasons to choose our flow screed services in the West Midlands:


  • Gvylon flowing screed: We only use the best quality flooring screed that we can find on the market. Gvylon screed is combined with special additives and clean water to ensure the perfect finish.
  • Fast drying: With a drying rate of 1mm per day, the screed can take foot traffic quicker than many other methods. We make sure the downtime is as short as possible.
  • Remove radiators: Radiators are being shunned and removed in favour of underfloor heating. Our service will help to save you space and get rid of your home’s eyesores.


Discover more about our dedication to providing flow screed services in the West Midlands by getting in contact with us today

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