Three Reasons To Choose Our Liquid Floor Screed In Telford

Fast Drying Screed



Liquid floor screed is fast becoming the most popular method of laying floors and, in turn, providing everything that your home needs. The flexibility and convenience of liquid screed for floors will give you an array of options when you’re relaying your floor.


At GmBrook Liquid Floor Screed, we’re passionate about the difference that our Fast Drying Screed service in Telford can provide you. Not only is liquid floor screed superior to sand or concrete flooring, it can also house underfloor heating.

To discover how you could benefit from our liquid floor screed service in Telford, here’s three of our favourite reasons:

  • Underfloor heating: The only way to truly benefit from underfloor heating is by using liquid floor screed. Our professional service will ensure you can have cost-effective and balanced heating in your home.
  • Quick drying: Liquid floor screed can cope with foot traffic in just 24 hours and allows for work to continue almost immediately.
  • Conducts heat better: The thermoconductivity of our liquid floor screed in Telford is a great way to insulate your home from the bottom up. You’ll save money by combining our underfloor heating over using concrete and radiators.

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